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The Principal Mr. S.M.M.G.Abeyratne of Ranabima Royal College is a skilled administrator as well as ……. in the field of education. His administrative abilities were proved as the Principal of Kandy Model School In Kandy, where he served for 11 years before assuming duties at Ranabima  Royal College.
Mr. S.M.M.G.Abeyratne started his education at the village school – Galewela Yatipalatha Maha Vidyalaya,and later he joined Galagedara Central  College, Galagedara In Kandy District and was appointed as Assistant English Teacher of Education at the Ministry of Education by then Education Minister  and Next Registered for B.A. Degree at the University of Peradeniya for his higher studies. Having obtained a Bachelor of arts  Degree, he joined the English training college of Penideniya for his higher studies again. He underwent 10 year service  as the principal at the Galewela Maha Vidyala before being appointed as the principal  of the Dammulla Central College. Being one of the best administrators of the Dambulla Educational Zone  , Mr. S.M.M.G.Abeyratne was transferred to newly opened  Kandy Model school . In a short period, he maintained a Student’s self discipline theoretical method and was able to improve the academic standards to an unprecedented level. It was under his patronage that Career Guidance activities were introduced to the school. Chess, as a game was improved, as did many other sports and games. He underwent Post Graduate Diploma in Education at Open Uhiversity  , Nawala Nugegoda and Diploma in Educational Management at the National Institute of Education, Maharagama  before being appointed as the principal of Ranabima Royal College , Peradeniya  in Kandy.
While being a top Education Administrator Mr. S.M.M.G.Abeyratne is involved in outside Educational matters. While being a Lecturer of the PRINSET on  the National Institute of Education at Maharagama . He was a member of the National Curriculum Consultative Committee of the NIE .He worked as a Working committee member of the National Science Foundation of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Mr. S.M.M.G.Abeyratne strongly believe , punishment is not essential for developing child’s discipline. It can be done by development of child’s attitude and behavior nce and he got success of it. Nowadays Everybody highly appreciate the development of child’s  attitude and moral behaviorance in the school ,in society as well as in their homeand always motivate the students to develop their own hidden talents and skills . All staff and Students in Every race live in harmony and work together each other with well understanding.      
Mr. S.M.M.G.Abeyratne is a experienced Sports Administrator at School Level. He has held the following positions in the Schools Sports Associations.         
• President – Volleyball Association in Galagedara  [January 1969 - January 2001]               
• Member – Volley team in Galagedara  [January 1965 - January 1975]               
• Member – Volley team in Galagedara  A .G Division [January 1970 - January 1971]  
• Team Leader  - Volley ball Team .Training College  [March 1983 – March 1986 ]              
• Vice President - Sri Lanka Schools Football Association. [April 2001 – March 2002]             
• President - Colombo District Schools Football Association.       
Moreover he was appointed to perform the following responsibilities

• Committee to review the present state of Primary Education reforms implementation.
• Visiting Lecturer – Professional Educational Management - Psychology  - Meepe.
• Visiting Lecturer - Centre for Professional Development- Psychology  (Education Development) N.I.E.
• Member of the ‘Samata mandala Judging board ’ For central province .